Office Partitions

Prodigy Office Furniture have extensive experience assisting businesses with all their office space, office dividers and interior design, set-up, layout and partitioning requirements, offering a total office solution service with affordable fitouts.

Melbourne Businesses with their changing needs can rely on Prodigy Office’s range of free standing screens to create the functional workspace or private offices they need.


Office Partitions in Melbourne

Office partition walls are an important part of any space. They provide privacy and help to create a more organized office environment. There are many different types of cost effective office dividers available, so it is important to choose the right one for your needs.

Eco Range

Our Melbourne office partitions - Eco range provides both standard and custom size options to suit your noise and privacy needs, with a large selection of fabrics to match your corporate decor, all at unbeatable value.

The Eco also has desk top mounted one for a slimline look with extra privacy.

System 75

The System 75 has an unlimited configuration and sizes with a data and power ducting choices, glazing panels, modern tile image in a range of colour.

Want to turn your office into a more professional and structured environment? Do guests or clients often confuse the reception at your office with an employee's desks because there is no clear separation between the reception area and the rest of the office / a large room? - our mobile office partitions in Melbourne are the way to go!

An office floor can never be complete without office screen partitions. Melbourne business owners invest in quality fittings from Prodigy Furniture to ensure they get the most out of your space, reduce office noise and reduce visual distractions.

Prodigy Office Furniture brings versatile and range of office partitions in Melbourne to commercial and business spaces, helping to complete the look of the office interiors and personal space.

Without an office partition, an office can look unprofessional and disorganised, negatively impacting on the outward appearance of your brand or company image.

Thanks to our wide selection of affordable free standing office partitions and solutions or demountable partitions, Melbourne businesses and offices can add space and allow for more privacy in areas used for staff or client meetings.

With satisfied customers throughout Melbourne and right around Australia, you know you simply can’t go wrong with the premier service and top-quality office partitions and other office products from Prodigy Office Furniture.

Prodigy Office Furniture offers a range of office partitions:

  • Eco Partition

    These floor-standing office partitions are the most common partitions used in an open plan office and come under a budget.

  • Desk Mounted Office Partitions

    These glass partitions are mounted on top of desk's edges to separate one from the other. These will give you the privacy you need.

  • Freestanding Partitions

    This is a free standing screen. These come in varying heights and colours and can be shifted from one place to another.

  • Acoustic Freestanding Partitions

    These are superior office partition solutions in Dandenong that cancel out nearby noise giving you a peaceful environment and natural light to work and create.

  • Mobile Display Partition Panels

    These desk dividers are colourful panels having wheels, which make it easy to move around.

  • Smart Display Panel System

    These are lightweight and easy to assemble. Aluminium frames enclose a double-sided display panel, which fits without screws.

    An easy, pop-up partition when you suddenly need to accommodate more people.

  • Ducted Partitions

    These can either be fitted on desktops or free standing and provide for space to hide cables or power docks.

  • Joinery

    This is a more modern way of creating an office partition between the reception area and the real workspace, which exists behind. Joinery is often shaped into cabinets or shelves to store files and other stuff.

  • Perspex Screens

    These desk dividers allow partition as well as visibility from the top and come in a variety of colours.

Most office partitioning systems come with a choice of using glass (clear, tinted, double-glazed etc.), fabric, laminate, painted surface or timber veneer.

At Prodigy Furniture, you will find many desk partitions in a variety of colours and materials that suits your environment.

Design your workplace for a productive and comfortable workflow.

Design your office for a productive and comfortable workflow

Office Screens in Melbourne

To speak to a member of the Prodigy Office Furniture about our demountable office partitions in Melbourne businesses can contact us on 03 9793 1222.


When you purchase in bulk or as part of a full fitout, we have a number of cheap or even free office screens or office partitions Melbourne customers can add to their total purchase.

With a range of freestanding partition systems, the Prodigy range also offers extreme flexibility and versatility, so you can adjust your workspace as your company evolves.

Modern Look

Our products aren’t just functional additions to any office space, their sleek and modern look will become a striking design element, making your office look professional and impressing clients at affordable prices.

Demountable Partitions

Our range of demountable and free standing partitions can work with any existing office layout or space, with a number of different styles to match the look of your office.

We only supply Melbourne portable products made from a huge range top quality materials, including stunning glass partitions that help to divide space while making the office feel brighter and more open.

So, whatever partition systems Melbourne companies need, contact Prodigy Furniture is the local name they can count on for installing your partitions so leave us a message.