At Prodigy Office Furniture we are proud to offer a truly outstanding range of quality office chairs to cater for the corporate or home office.


At Prodigy Office Furniture we are proud to offer a truly outstanding range of quality office chairs to cater for the corporate or home office.

Our professional staff will assist you to find the office chair that is best suited to your needs. Having the right chair can help to create a comfortable and modern working space, so that your office makes a strong statement and leaves a lasting impression on your clients and visitors.

Prodigy Office Furniture has a selection of chairs suitable for all areas of your office environment.

Get long-lasting, comfortable and ergonomic chairs for your office

Office Chairs Melbourne

Are your office chairs getting old fashioned in this fast changing commercial environment? Do you need seating solutions for your office that will not just be comfortable when seated in, but also visually appealing and relaxing? Do your office seating arrangements turn down the whole vibe of working energetically by being squeaky and uncomfortable? If these are all or a few of the many problems that you are facing at your office, then why not drop by Prodigy Office Furniture and select from a range of office chairs in Melbourne?

At Prodigy Office Furniture, we do not just offer furniture, but solutions to all your lazy and tiresome work schedules. Our range of office chairs will keep you comfortably seated behind your desk and charged up for the long day ahead.

From an entrepreneur's or an owner's perspective, you always need your workforce to be on their toes, not taking sick days because of pain and injury related to a lack of ergonomic chairs. Melbourne business owners, don’t wait to get the most out of your workspace – call Prodigy Office Furniture today on 03 9793 1222.

Whether it’s for executive leather office chairs, mobile reception chairs or ergonomic office chairs, Melbourne can find the range they need at Prodigy.

Office Chairs Dandenong

If you want your employees to not lag behind their responsibilities and be always up and ready for the tasks at hand, bring in office chairs from Prodigy Furniture. Our range of office chairs in Dandenong, Melbourne includes:

  • Task Chairs

These seats are one of the most economic office solutions with a 3-level mechanism. In some chairs, the seats can be shifted and arms adjusted. The load handling varies among task chairs of different companies – which is why Prodigy offers a wide brand range of these office chairs for sale. Melbourne businesses, click the Task Chairs link above to investigate the range further. .

Invest in your workforce’s health and wellbeing with ergonomic seating

  • Ergonomic Office Chairs Melbourne

These chairs are similar to task chairs but are designed giving priority to comfort and posture and minimizing backaches and pain. They also have several locking mechanisms and have adjustable back supports. With ergonomic chairs, Melbourne employers are letting their employees know that their health and wellbeing matter – ensuring productivity and employee retention. Interested in finding more about Prodigy’s ergonomic office chairs? Melbourne residents can call us on 03 9793 1222 to discuss ergonomics in the office and our great ergonomic range.

  • Executive Chairs

These chairs either come in ultra-thin leather upholstery or deep foam fabric seats with several colour options. The seat mechanisms found can either be Multi-lock knee tilt, infinite locking or Synchron. The chairs have either a polished steel or chrome base. When it comes to professional and powerful leather office chairs, Melbourne buyers can trust Prodigy to provide options for businesses of all sizes (including cheaper ‘leather looking’ options). Our executive chairs also make a great option as conference room chairs. Melbourne businesses wishing to bring a touch of refinement to their meetings and offices, click on the Executive Chairs link above to explore our range.

  • Meeting & Visitor Seating

These seats have variable structures. They either come in 4-legged spider base or framed systems. 4-legged spider base chairs come in wood or steel and aluminium whereas frames are normally chrome or black plated. Some chairs also come with arms and are either cushioned or made of polypropylene. As reception chairs, Melbourne businesses can invest in ensuring their customers or business associates aren’t uncomfortable or being made to stand while waiting to see you. In terms of making a good impression, comfortable reception chairs for Melbourne businesses (or clinics) are the smart choice to make.

Make a good impression on your customers and business associates

  • Conference & Reception Room Chairs Melbourne

There’s a lot of overlap between conference chairs and reception room chairs, but conference room chairs give a more formal look considering they are to be kept in conference rooms and used by important clients or associates. They also come with adjustable mechanisms and comfortable seats.With conference room chairs, Melbourne buyers are often seeking chairs which make their employees comfortable and any visiting associates or clients feel at ease. With similar mobility and aesthetic considerations as our leather office chairs, Melbourne businesses can trust Prodigy Office Furniture to provide what they need – without breaking their budget.

  • Mesh Chairs

These are ergonomic, come with 3D zero pressure support and are adjustable. These come with replaceable seat cover options and come in a standard black fabric. These are an extremely versatile seating option – they can be used as reception chairs, computer chairs or conference chairs. Melbourne businesses, whatever you’re looking for, mesh chairs offer a budget-conscious option that still looks great. .

  • Industrial Chairs

These are normally used in dynamic environments, are adjustable and have low-height back support. These are mostly polyurethane.

  • Ottomans

These are fancy seating solutions built with steel base frame and legs. The seats are either polypropylene, fabricated with cushions or leather. These provide an open, comfortable vibe, particularly when paired with reception chairs or to add an air of luxury alongside otherwise cheap office chairs. Melbourne businesses, whatever space you’re furnishing, think about whether ottomans could offer a bit of variety in your furnishings.

  • Beam Seating
  • Lounge Sofas
  • Plastic Chairs
  • Lunchroom Chairs
  • Accessories
    • Foot Rests
    • Chair Mats & more
Give people the comfort and support they need with quality chairs

  • Leather Office Chairs For Sale

Prodigy Office Furniture is your portal to quality & durable office chairs in Dandenong, Melbourne CBD and suburbs across the Greater Metro area.

Whether you need reception seating, executive leather seats or standard workplace computer chairs, Melbourne won’t find a better option than Prodigy Office Furniture.

You can organize a visit from a Prodigy consultant to see your office space and discuss what would work best in terms of seating, reception furniture and computer chairs. Melbourne can trust Prodigy to bring more than a decades’ worth of experience in commercial furniture into every consult.

Want to discuss our range of reception, executive, office and conference chairs? Melbourne business owners can call us on 03 9793 1222 to find out more.

Prodigy Office Furniture – when it comes to professional and cheap office chairs, Melbourne buyers won’t find better than our great range.