Eco Desk Top
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Eco Desk Top

The Eco Desk Top mounted partition is designed in slimline look. Eco range provides a standard or custom size options to suit your noise and privacy needs, with a large range of fabrics to match in with your corporate decor at unbeatable value.

600w x 400h $218
900w x 400h $228
1200w x 400h $226
1500w x 400h $239
1800w x 400h $245
600w x 600h $245
900w x 600h $251
1200w x 600h $260
1500w x 600h $269
1800w x 600h $272
2100w x 400h $399
2400w x 400h $448
2100w x 600h $478
2400w x 600h $540
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