Eco Floating Partitions
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Eco Floating Partitions

  • Eco floating partitions 27mm thick
  • Various width and heights available
  • All priced in Rim Trilogy One Fabric
  • Custom sizes can be ordered to individual specifications, please ask for quotation
  • All made to order about 10 working days
  • Mobile Feet Add $98 per screen
  • Cross bracket $22.00
  • T bracket $22.00
  • L Bracket $22.00
  • Straight Joiner $11.00
  • Cable Plugs Cable Excess $28

600mm high x 600mm wide $283
900mm high x 600mm wide $289
1200mm high x 600mm wide $298
1500mm high x 600mm wide $305
1800mm high x 600mm wide $308
2100mm high x 600mm wide $495
2400mm high x 600mm wide $555
900mm high x 900mm wide $285
900mm high x 900mm wide $298
1200mm high x 900mm wide $305
1500mm high x 900mm wide $308
1800mm high x 900mm wide $318
2100mm high x 900mm wide $555
2400mm high x 00mm wide $588
600mm high x 1200mm wide $298
900mm high x 1200mm wide $305
1200mm high x 1200mm wide $308
600mm high x 1500mm wide $305
900mm high x 1500mm wide $308
1200mm high x 1500mm wide $335
600mm high x 1800mm wide $308
900mm high x 1800mm wide $399
1200mm high x 1800mm wide $418
600mm high x 2100mm wide $495
900mm high x 2100mm wide $515
1200mm high x 2100mm wide $569
600mm high x 2400mm wide $555
900mm high x 2400mm wide $565
1200mm high x 2400mm wide $580
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