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At Prodigy Office Furniture, we understand that every customer has different needs and preferences. That’s why our wide range of quality office desks cater to both domestic customers as well as corporate clients who require something special in their workspace!

But what many people don’t know about are the benefits having comfortable desks in Melbourne can provide for your company. It’s common knowledge that a modern, clean working environment is more productive than one full of distractions.

Prodigy Office Furniture has a range of imported and Australian made desking.


Our desks come in a large range of shapes and sizes, or can be custom manufactured to your fit your specifications.

Desking is the cornerstone of office furnishing – do it right with us

Our office desking comes with a range of matching accessories to complete your office including; bookcases, sliding door buffets, hutches, overhead storage units, printer stands, filing cabinets, mobile cabinets, storage cupboards, meeting tables, training tables, reception desks and coffee tables.

A consultant can come to your office to discuss your office desking requirements, helping to find the right product to suit the look of even the funkiest office space.

With our range of stylish and cheap office and receptions desks and Australian customers can be sure they are getting a well-built and long-lasting product, with service from a qualified and friendly team of industry experts.

To view our wide range of premium desk furniture residents can visit us today.

From the reception area to the boss’ office, every room needs quality desks

Office Reception Desk

Whatever line of work you’re in, and whichever room you’re furnishing, Prodigy Office Furniture has the options you need. Looking for a quality reception desk for sale? Business owners can trust our range to give their reception area a professional front-facing appearance. What’s more, we’re the affordable option for getting a reception desk for sale. CBD and surrounding suburbs can count on affordability paired with quality when they turn to Prodigy Office Furniture.

Do you need something to work on that gives you the space to do all your work effectively? Do you need a desk for your office that is wide enough to place your laptop or computer and still has space for your stacks of files? Do you need robust desk solutions for your office? We can provide you with simple and flawless office desks in time.

Prodigy Office Furniture has been serving the needs of small businesses and corporate firms for a long time and that is why we have excelled at providing office desks that maximise space and utilise modern designs. Made from top-quality materials, our reception desks help businesses stand-out to their clients, right from the moment they walk in the door.

The Importance of a Good Office Desk

Investing in a high-quality office desk is important for many reasons. It prevents injuries, increases productivity, and increases efficiency. It can also improve flexibility, which is vital for today's modern workplace. Read on to learn more about the benefits of a high-quality desk. Listed below are some of the reasons why you need a new office desk. Then, use our tips to choose the best one for you.

Helps Avoid Workspace Related Injuries

The Importance of a Good Office Desk - Ergonomics are essential to the health of an office worker. If you don't have a comfortable desk, you could be putting yourself at risk for back and neck injuries, as well as repetitive strain injuries. Ergonomic devices can help prevent these injuries by ensuring that your desk is designed to be ergonomically sound.

Ergonomic tools

A good ergonomic desk can help your team make adjustments that will make the workplace more comfortable for them. A common complaint among office workers is eye strain. To prevent eye strain, consider purchasing glare filtering equipment or installing an arm's-length distance monitor. Dark screen backgrounds are not conducive to reading and can make eyestrain worse. By investing in ergonomic tools, you can ensure that your workplace is a comfortable environment for your employees and clients.

Ergonomic chairs and tables are an important part of workplace health. They can help keep you from causing injuries by promoting proper posture. A good chair can support your feet when you need to move around a lot. It also has a footrest to support your feet when necessary. Your workspace is not complete without a good office desk. And a good chair can help prevent neck and back pain.

Increased Productivity

While it is true that many factors are important when choosing an office desk, you must also consider the types of ergonomics you are looking for. While ergonomics is important, a more ergonomic desk can also improve employee comfort and reduce medical issues. While comfort is certainly a big factor, connectivity is just as important. This will help you be more productive. The EverDesk+ is an ergonomic desk designed to help you work comfortably and without any pain.

A comfortable workspace is essential for worker comfort. It should be convenient for the user and free of clutter. All tools and supplies of the trade should be within easy reach. A good workspace is also customized and supports worker comfort. Avoid placing your monitor at a position that will cause hunched shoulders and eye strain. The right space is essential for increasing your productivity. You can also use ergonomic office furniture to reduce your employees' idle time.

Personal preferences are crucial when it comes to productivity. Some people like a minimalist workspace, while others prefer an environment with many things. According to a recent Clorox study, keyboards contain more germs than toilet seats. It is crucial to clean your workspace daily to avoid transferring germs and viruses from one place to another. Make sure to remove any old coffee cups and half-eaten lunches to avoid contamination. To help you maintain a clean and organized workspace, keep office supplies organized. Use paper trays and pencil holders.


A good office desk should have enough space for both work and personal items. Whether you use sticky notes to keep yourself on task or want a desk with storage space for your laptop, the right office desk can help you increase your productivity. Listed below are some advantages of a good desk. Keep in mind that there are many different types of office desks to choose from, so it's important to decide which one is best for you.

An L-shaped office desk offers ample work space. Its L-shape design provides a lot of space for your computer and accessories. It also features adjustable leg pads for maximum comfort and safety. Its metal frame is made of thicker steel to provide strength and durability. It also features a modern design to remain stable on an uneven floor. It is available in different colors and sizes. You should choose one that suits your office space and your individual style.

Whether you're working in an open-plan office or need a quiet space, an adjustable desk is an essential piece of equipment. Adjustable desks allow you to choose a comfortable sitting or standing position. Likewise, desks with modesty panels are a nice touch if you need privacy. However, if you have employees who work from home, an L-shaped desk is not the most practical solution.


A flexible office desk allows team members to move around, avoiding physical strain. While traditional office layouts provide employees with privacy, flexible workspaces let them communicate with one another without disturbing others. A good desk also has a number of essential items, such as a filing cabinet and an e-mail tray. This article outlines some of the most important features of flexible desks for an office. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of flexibility.

The features of a flexible office desk are plentiful and should include a variety of power outlets and WiFi connection. While most come equipped with power outlets, some users need more, such as a dedicated PC or an HDMI connection. Some are designed to support a permanent phone. Be sure to consult a flexible workplace strategist before planning your electrical drops. Some desks even come with a monitor and HDMI connection. Some models also come with a hard-line data connection, and some even have dedicated PCs.

Whether you work in an open-plan office or a cluttered, cramped office, an adjustable desk is essential to your success. In a traditional office setting, a desk is perhaps the most important piece of furniture. Even with newer flexible office designs, it still plays a key role in the workplace. Ultimately, a good office desk can boost employee productivity. If you're considering an office desk for your team, there are some tips you should consider before making your final decision.


If you work at a desk all day, you are likely aware of the common symptoms of fatigue from an office job. Lackluster overhead lighting, overstimulating technology, and long hours at your desk can all contribute to tiredness and fatigue. Standing up and walking out of the office is neither professional nor productive. The good news is that there are ways to nip this mid-afternoon slump in the bud.

Sitting for hours on end is bad for your back and posture. It's a proven fact that sitting for long periods of time will deplete your energy. To avoid fatigue and pain, you should take regular breaks from typing. Try sitting up straighter and stretching your back. Also, if you feel your feet are rubbing the floor, try to move them under the desk. Using a standing desk can help you switch between standing and sitting positions and relieve fatigue.

An ergonomic office desk can prevent carpal tunnel syndrome, a condition that affects the hands, fingers, and wrists. When you get carpal tunnel syndrome, your fingers and wrists become overworked and can't function properly. An ergonomic mouse or split keyboard can help prevent this condition. Additionally, wrist supports can help prevent these symptoms from occurring. In addition to avoiding carpal tunnel syndrome, ergonomic desks can help you avoid other problems caused by the long hours spent working at a desk.


Working at an office desk is relatively safe. Most risks associated with desk work can be avoided through proper training. Ergonomic hazards can be prevented by offices providing various types of equipment and training employees. A challenge is digital eye strain, which requires special techniques to prevent. But if you're looking for a high-quality desk, you've come to the right place. Listed below are some tips to make sure your office desk is safe and ergonomically correct.

A good office desk should also allow for proper posture while working. Ideally, frequently used equipment should be within easy reach to minimize stretching and bending, which can cause injury. Positioning the computer monitor and keyboard should be at arm's length away, as well as the mouse and keyboard side-by-side between the user and the screen. For telephone calls, the phone should be held with the speakerphone, not between the head and neck. Positioning frequently used objects closer to the body is also more comfortable for users.

A good office desk should also be comfortable to sit at. The height should be adjustable and be high enough for users to comfortably sit at. The height of the chair should also be adjustable, and it should allow the feet to rest flat on the floor. Moreover, the edges should be rounded and padded to prevent tissue compression. If you're standing at the desk for long hours, a footrest or other accessories underneath the desk will make you more comfortable.

The look

When you want to buy a new desk for your office, make sure to pay close attention to the look. Office desks should be sleek and professional, with simple features. The right desk can blend into your office's decor while providing all of the essential features you need to perform your daily tasks. When shopping for an executive desk, look for one that blends professional simplicity with amazing style. Not only will it make your office look more successful, but it will also inspire greater productivity.

For a desk that will last for years, consider our OE Desks. Its sleek lines and utilitarian design make it ideal for modern office spaces. It has plenty of room for your laptop and other important items, and it comes with a birch frame and two color schemes. While it might seem like an expensive desk, this piece is a great choice for anyone who wants to maximize space. But remember that the price of an office desk should never be your only concern.

When purchasing a new office desk, the size and color should be taken into consideration. Consider the size and shape of your room. For example, if your office is small and you have limited space, you may want a smaller desk on one side of the room. In addition, be sure to check the electrical outlets and space for moving around. You also want a desk that blends in with the rest of your office decor.

Our office desking solutions come in a huge variety that comprises of.


OE Desking

These desks are the most economical choice in offices that need furniture in a budget. This is a range consisting of classic office desks, coffee tables, and mobile pedestals, filing cabinets and reception desks as well as counters. They have an easy to clean surface, are scratch resistant and durable, making them a highly versatile option in desk furniture. Click on ‘OE Desking – View Products’ above to explore this great range.


Workstation / Desk

These desks are just a tad more functional and roomier than others because you can join in with your peers and work as a team. These are more suitable when you are handling projects. The range often includes L-shaped desks attached with a floor-to-¾ ceiling cabinet for storing files and other paperwork. Fixed drawer cabinets are also available, making this a functional option as a general workspace or office reception desk. Buyers, browse our catalogue to discover more.


Management Desks

These are usually a combination of an OE desk and a workstation look. As a manager, you have a lot going on and to fit all your work in one room, this range is an appropriate choice. Most management desks have the options of installing a vinyl inlay on the top, depending on what you need out of your desk furniture. Managers, get a desk that suits your work.


Executive Desks

These are more detailed in its crafting and are often confused with an OE desk. Executive office desks in Dandenong are extended in length and width to reflect the superiority and often come in a glass top.



These are the normal use tables that come in a compact, foldable and fixed type. They are either, timber, stainless steel or chrome plated.


Height Adjustable Desks

This range comes in a sturdy steel base with either a polypropylene, wood, steel or plastic top. The height can be electronically adjusted to suit different people and can be used as a standard working or office reception desk. Businesses prioritizing versatility and ergonomics, take a look at what our height adjustable desks can do for you.


Anvil Desks

The most compact, light and portable solutions and can suit just about any environment. They usually come in studio white melamine tops and white powder coated frames.

The table top options include, pearl laminate, compact laminate, vision form (timber prints), Werzalit resin, solid timber, polypropylene and melamine. The tables are available in a variety of styles from matrix and stratus to block and PE. At Prodigy Office Furniture, we realize the importance of a working environment and provide quality solutions to suit those needs.

Work to your best ability with a sturdy, stylish desk

Computer Desk Melbourne

When it comes to sourcing a quality computer desk, Melbourne’s Prodigy Office Furniture provides a service you can count on. Reach out to us on 03 9793 1222 to discuss our great range. Whether it’s a stationary, mobile or height adjustable computer desk, Melbourne businesses can ensure their workspace is properly furnished for maximum productivity with help from Prodigy Office Furniture.

Whether you’re furnishing your office floorspace, your own upper management office or your business’ waiting area with quality reception desks, Prodigy Office Furniture has the range in both style and budgeting for offices of all kinds.

Don’t just use any old desk, find the product that will perfectly suit your space and needs. From fitting-out modern and contemporary office spaces to finding the right desk to match your home office, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Prodigy Office Furniture, with prices to cater to any budget.

If you’re on the lookout for adjustable desk furniture, computer desks or reception desks, CBD and surrounding suburb businesses can trust our team to give you the right products to get the job done.

Contact our professional team today on 03 9793 1222 to learn more about our wide selection of office furniture available at competitive prices.