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Quality Office Desks for Melbourne

At Prodigy Office Furniture, we understand that every customer has different needs and preferences. That’s why our wide range of quality office desks cater to both domestic customers as well as corporate clients who require something special in their workspace!

But what many people don’t know about are the benefits having comfortable desks in Melbourne can provide for your company. It’s common knowledge that a modern, clean working environment is more productive than one full of distractions.

Prodigy Office Furniture has a range of imported and Australian made desking.

Prioritise health and wellbeing in the office

Height Adjustable Desk Melbourne

At Prodigy Office Furniture we’re proud to be one of the most respected names in quality height adjustable desks for Melbourne businesses. We’re Australia’s one-stop shop for premium office fit-out and interior design services and solutions, delivering everything from desks and versatile storage options to leather office chairs with all our products coming with an affordable price-tag.

Purchasing a height adjustable desk allows Melbourne workers to simply, effortlessly and quickly adjust the desk from sitting to standing. If you’re sick of being stuck in your chair all day then this is the perfect option for you. Our adjustable products are durable and sturdy, meaning you won’t have to worry about knocking objects off your desks while you change the position.

At Prodigy we don’t just specialise in height adjustable desks, we also provide a range of other premium office furniture products. Our expert team can help you find everything from genuine leather office chairs, stunning boardroom tables, and partition to help you get the most out of your office space. Our in-demand ergonomic office chairs are perfect for individuals with bad backs, helping them to improve their posture and stay comfortable all day.  

To speak to a Prodigy Office Furniture employee about buying a height adjustable desk, Melbourne businesses can reach us on 03 9793 1222.

workstation-desk-1 Easy motorized & electronic adjustability

Height Adjustable Workstation Melbourne

Electric height adjustable desks for Melbourne businesses reduce the risk of OH&S issues commonly caused in hot desking environments, where multiple users use the same desk on different days and require individual height settings.

The ergonomic desks can be height adjusted in seconds from sitting to stand using an ultra-quiet energy efficient motor. With a simple-to-use mechanism to adjust your height adjustable desk, Melbourne business owners can ensure in-office safety and work efficiency.

To speak to a Prodigy Office Furniture employee about buying a height adjustable desk, Melbourne businesses can reach us on 03 9793 1222.

With a Prodigy height adjustable workstation, Melbourne professionals can have more control over office ergonomics. Gas-assisted and electrical shifting workstations (available with generous keyboard & mouse space) ensure switching from sitting to standing work, or adjusting between employees of different heights in hotdesking situations, is effortless.

With options in black and white finishes, along with wood top models, we can provide the height adjustable workstation Melbourne companies need.

To find out more about a Prodigy height adjustable workstation, Melbourne customers can browse our range above or call us now on 03 9793 1222.