5 Mistakes When Shopping Online for Office Furniture

5 Mistakes Everyone Makes When Shopping Online for Office Furniture

Office furniture shopping can be a challenge all on its own. From the variety in looks to the incomparable prices, it’s difficult to understand how to purchase the perfect pieces. But there is one area where most people tend to fall victim, and it’s in uncertainty. If you’re like most people, you’re probably wondering whether it’s better to shop online or in person. The answer? It depends. Below are five mistakes that we believe everyone has made when making this decision. Avoid these common mistakes, and you’re sure to find furnishings that work for both you and your budget!

1. Overlooking Dimensions:

Shopping without a clear understanding of the dimensions of the furniture is a bad idea. In most cases, the furniture prices vary depending on size, especially when you’re dealing with larger items like desks and cubicles. If you don’t know what size furniture you’ll be needing, you could be wasting time and money on furniture that just won’t fit. So, before you get all wrapped up in that beautiful desk that utilizes the same color palette as your office, take time to really understand just how much space it will take up. It’s worth spending extra time on the dimensions than having to bring it back mid-way through your planning and purchasing process!

2. Prioritizing Style Over Function:

Oh, the pressure to be stylish when working in a corporate office. Just because you’re designing your office doesn’t mean that you have the liberty to give up functionality. From choosing a chair that’s too ornate to buying a desk that serves no purpose, you must be careful about selecting furniture that is not as practical as it could be. And, once again, dimensions are key in being practical! While it’s all well and good to have that desk that looks like a work of art, it doesn’t necessarily need to be that big, especially if your office is a bit more cramped. Keep that in mind when you’re picking out your furniture, and it’ll make the process a whole lot easier.

3. Lacking Overall Cohesiveness:

You can have beautiful leather chairs or a sharp corner office, but they don’t exactly go together, do they? To make up for the lack of cohesion, many people overspend on their office furnishings. The reason for this is found in #1. If you haven’t had the time to understand the dimensions of your office, you’re going to end up with a bit of a mishmash between your chairs, desk, and other pieces. Creating a cohesive look isn’t a difficult task if you understand what your options are. After all, nothing says “lack of style” like a mismatched office!

4. Searching for the Best Arrangement:

Let’s face it: not everyone is skilled at combining pieces into a coherent design. It’s no shock that people seek professional help with arranging their furniture. But there is another route to take. When searching for office furniture, consider the style and look you’re after. If it’s a modern, contemporary office, you should be able to find great furniture options. If you’re looking for more traditional pieces, you may need to find a shop that specializes in that kind of furniture.

5. Too Much Inspiration:

Speaking of inspiration, it’s quite common for people to let it get to their heads. You see something on Pinterest or Instagram that you absolutely adore, and it’s only natural to want to copy that look. But what happens if you buy a great product without fully understanding what goes into creating that look? You can waste a lot of money on something that may end up sitting unused or be less practical than anticipated in an office setting. While you can have a little inspiration, keep your eyes open for ways that you can improve upon nearly everything you see. Don’t let inspiration be your only guide when shopping for furniture!

We hope you incorporate a bit of our advice into your next round of office furnishings! These mistakes are not hard to avoid – if you keep them in mind before you decide, you should do fine. If you have problems deciding, give our office furniture experts a call and we will look after you 😊