6 Features of the Perfect Office Chair

6 Features of the Perfect Office Chair

Sitting too long in poor posture can be painfully fatiguing. While you can’t necessarily control your office working conditions, you can, however, control your sitting conditions. Ergonomic office chairs support your body in the right places, providing proper support to the spine and pelvis. This not only protects your back, but it actually improves productivity.

So, if you are willing to invest in your comfort, your health, in you, enlisted are some of the top features that your office chair should have:

1. Lumbar and Pelvic Support:

When your comfort and relaxation, as well as your overall health and well-being, are concerned, you shouldn’t neglect the role of the modern office chair with features that enhance your overall posture. While the importance of your chair’s back support can’t be overstated, the lumbar support mustn’t be neglected.

If you have back pain, the lumbar support will provide additional pressure, which you can apply to the lower back. Although it may not seem logical, your body can use that pressure to effectively ease pressure from your spine to the lower back.

Similarly, pelvic support is extremely important for people who sit for prolonged periods of time. Just as with lumbar support, the pelvic support allows you to exert an additional force that eases the pressure from the spine to the pelvis area giving your body a much-needed rest.

2. Customizable Positions:

The customizability of the office chair is another exceptionally important feature to consider. The key here is to understand that everyone has their specific needs, and if your office chair, for no objective reason, isn’t able to deliver them, then it’s not the right one for you. The ability to adjust the height is essential. You should be able to raise and lower the height depending on the position of your body, the work you are doing, and the comfort level you need without you having to sacrifice your posture.

3. Adjustable Seat Depth:

Often overlooked but equally important, the depth of your seat is essential for better support of your back. If your seat isn’t deep enough, after a period of time, it will push against your lower back. If you adjust your seat with a seat depth that is too wide, you will feel unstable, and this will be distracting for you. Ideally, the seat depth should allow you to be comfortable while sitting with a slight curve in your lower back. This should give you the best balance and support.

4. Breathable Fabric:

Having an office chair with breathable fabric can make a significant difference in your health and well-being. Your body perspires when you are working or even when you are sitting in a relaxed position. If you have a comfortable fabric with good ventilation, you will feel more relaxed and will be able to concentrate without distractions or discomfort.

5. Quality Cushion:

The cushion is another feature that you cannot ignore. If you concentrate on the intensity of your existing pain, you may notice that a part of the pain is easily clued into specific areas of your back, your legs, and your neck. If your office chair isn’t properly cushioned in those areas, the pain you feel may intensify.

Moreover, just because your seat is well cushioned doesn’t mean that the cushioning is of good quality. The cushion should be of good quality, but it must also not be too thick or too sparse. It should offer the right amount of support that allows you to be comfortable all day without feeling any pressure or discomfort.

6. Base Is Crucial:

Another important feature noticed for the best office chair is that the base of the chair is sturdy. You probably had no idea that the base is that critical, but a quality base will offer a strong foundation for the chair. If the base is not sturdy enough, it won’t stand strong, no matter how supportive the chair is in other ways. It will shake with every movement of your body, and it will not provide the right support for your back.


Office chairs can make a huge difference when it comes to protecting your body against fatigue and pain. While an office chair may seem like a luxury – after all, most of us sit for a living – it is a necessity.

If you are willing to invest in yourself and your comfort, you can easily find the best office chair that will provide you with both the support and the comfort that you need. Just ensure to keep these top six things in mind.

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