Standing Desks – An Office Furniture That Benefits You

Standing Desks – An Office Furniture That Benefits You

Standing desks are here to save your health, increase your productivity, and push your limits to new levels (not to mention, they’re great for your back). Here is the deal: the majority of Americans are sitting for longer hours than ever before, and that’s not great for the spine. In fact, studies show that those who sit for prolonged periods have worse health and more health issues overall. To avoid these trends, standing desks have been popping up in offices all over as a way to increase the well-being of employees. As a potential buyer, you’re probably not surprised by this trend, but when it comes to your own office, you may be more reluctant. We understand that standing desks can cost a lot of money, but we’re here to tell you that it’s worth it – at least it is if you use it. So, read on and discover the benefits of standing desks, and learn how to use this highly adaptable, modern furniture in your own home!

5 Benefits of a Standing Desk

Standing desks can add a lot to any office. We’ve compiled a list of reasons why you should consider buying one of your own…

1. Lowers Risk of Weight Gain and Obesity:

Spending extensive amounts of time sitting down is cause for concern. Studies have shown that those who do not frequently move throughout the day risk cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, and obesity. These conditions, combined with the development of blood clots, increased chances of cancer, and general illness, makes it vital to get up and move around whenever possible. Standing desks provide the perfect opportunity for movement. Simply standing up for a few minutes every hour can keep your body moving, and it’s proven to be just enough to keep you healthy overall. When you’re not at a standing desk, walking a few extra steps throughout the day also goes a long way.

2. Can Help with Lower Blood Sugar Levels:

Standing desks have been proven to lower blood sugar levels, which means that they prevent and treat diabetes. Researchers also believe that these conditions decrease the risk of adult-onset diabetes and can prevent various medical conditions that are caused by it. By using standing desks, the body does not have to deal with the imbalance created by exhaustion, and you’re more likely to feel healthy and energetic. When used alongside exercise, standing desks can greatly improve your overall health.

3. Improves Dexterity, Agility, Flexibility, and Balance:

Standing desks also have the benefits of improving dexterity, agility, flexibility, and balance. When you’re no longer sitting, you’ll find that your body is more limber. Those who use standing desks are able to stand and move with much more ease, which makes them more likely to help you perform better in athletics and physical activity. If you have a standing desk in your office, consider changing positions whenever you can!

4. Can Reduce Back Pain:

Back pain is a major workplace concern. The typical American office worker has to sit for upwards of 12 hours in a single day. That’s just not good for the spine. You may not know it, but the spine is actually a column of small bones, some of which drift as we age. These bones can fall out of position and cause compression, which leads to back pain. Standing desks can help, but in order to prevent compression, it’s important to take proper care of your back. Make sure that you take a break from your standing desk at every opportunity.

5. May Boost Productivity:

Your productivity will increase when you replace your old desk with a standing desk. If you’re having trouble focusing and are easily distracted, taking a break from your standing desk may be enough to give you the energy you need to be productive. This may sound surprising, but it’s true – a standing desk helps keep you in motion, which allows for a more relaxed state of mind.


Standing desks are a great way to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle while also working through the issues of back pain and blood sugar loss. If you think switching your old desk for a standing desk is right for you, we’d suggest that you do it sooner rather than later. Rest assured that you’ll feel more energized in your body and mind, and you’ll be better able to maintain your overall health.

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