Various Types of Reception Chairs That Can Be Used In Waiting Rooms

Various Types of Reception Chairs That Can Be Used In Waiting Rooms

The reception area in any workspace ought to be designed and decorated tastefully and stylishly to demonstrate that the company is organized and has the necessary resources for the successful completion of a business deal or establishment of a business relationship. A good reception area gives pleasant, positive emotions and encourages new clients to interact with the company’s employees.

Appropriate design and, most importantly, the seating arrangement of the reception area is one of the most important elements of the interior, which leaves a lasting impression on first-time visitors. As a concerned business, you will always want to invest in professional, tailored reception chairs that give a comforting vibe to those waiting and give you the reputation as a sophisticated and reliable business partner. You have a number of different options when it comes to choosing reception chairs. Here’s an overview of the options:

1. Guest Chair:

Among all office furniture, the guest chair is the most popular. Capable of offering comfort for long durations, the guest chair is a durable and versatile option for your reception area. You can choose any design and color of your choice for the chair. The most common guest chair has a seat and back that swivels, and another more modern option is the one with fixed armrests and is usually supported by a frame that resembles the body of a rocking chair. To further enhance the comfort and look of your reception area, you can choose to upholster your chair with vinyl or leather to give them a classy look while also offering a more comfortable seating experience for the visitor.

2. Club Chair:

Sometimes called a nesting chair, the club chair is very casual yet classy for your office reception area. They are available in the market in two forms: with arms or armless. Available in a variety of designs, there are lots of color options available in both styles. An alternative to a guest chair, club chairs are usually suitable for long meetings and client sessions as with their enhanced comfort and flexibility, they provide a relaxing environment. Usually made of leather, club chairs truly bring the executive look to your reception area.

3. Bariatric Chairs:

Bariatric chairs are usually much heavier, as they are used commonly in clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities. It is larger than the regular chairs and features a side back support, as these chairs are meant to hold heavyweights for a longer period of time. Capable of withstanding up to ~700 pounds of weight, bariatric chairs proves to be durable in a commercial reception area. The chairs usually look similar to regular chairs, except for the extended back support, and are priced considerably higher. Bariatric chairs are obviously not ideal for all reception areas; however, certain facilities that deal with extended hours of heavyweight patients find these chairs convenient and more comfortable.

4. Sofa:

With the reception area now becoming more than just places where clients and customers wait, companies are looking at the option of furnishing their reception areas with sofas. If you are looking at a more classic and modern option for your reception area, go for plush sofas that are comfortable and can make your commercial office space more inviting. Charming colors, inviting material, and sleek design of reception sofas match the theme of your reception area decors and furniture.

5. Ottoman:

Ottoman is quite similar to the footrest and can also double up as a table by placing magazines, stationery, and other items on top. You can choose this option of an ottoman to end up with a more one-of-a-kind reception area, and if you go with the stitched fabric, get a color that matches your logo or the theme of your office.


When it comes to the reception area, the smallest of details matters as the first impression is what stays with the visitors and the employees. Remember to try something creative and modern, which will be inviting and memorable. Don’t keep the swivel chairs as they are quite a fad right now, and don’t go too far from the creativity as that can also turn out to be embarrassing. Art, creativity, comfort, color, and coziness play an important role in decision making. By choosing the most appropriate option that matches these points, you will be halfway through creating a successful house of business.

Think about commercial reception chairs that give a professional yet warm impression. Invest in furnishings that make your guests feel comfortable. Give them a footrest or an ottoman to rest their feet on. The options out there are many, and you can choose the right reception area furniture for your commercial office space.