Why Do Office Task Chairs Cost So Much in Melbourne

Office chairs almost always have a high price tag attached, and there is a reason for that. They’re an office staple, being found in every break room and nearly every office around the globe. So what is the real price of a good chair?

Well, it varies greatly based on your own needs and preferences.

A few years ago some studies were made about companies that put cheap plastic chairs in front of computers those that used ergonomic high-quality chairs that were designed to fit the employee and the office tasks they need to perform. The people who sat in ergonomic chairs were found to be more relaxed and increase their performance, accuracy, and attention span by 50%! This is why it’s so important for companies to invest in task chairs rather than cheaper options. If employees are not happy with their equipment then they won’t want to spend as much time working or doing anything that involves using such a frustratingly uncomfortable chair.

Let’s look at some reasons why task chairs are so expensive.

1.Years of research

In the past few decades, people realized that they spend much more time sitting than standing or moving around. The average person will sit still for about 90% of their day! With this knowledge, ergonomists started focusing on what causes pain from excessive sitting and how to fix those issues. Task chairs were created as a solution to this problem by incorporating ergonomics into the way we design our working environments. All of these things – the materials, the design, the ergonomics – are costs. They are costs that are passed on to consumers.

The best ergonomic task office chairs out there are developed based on years of study and development. It’s an investment that pays off. It will be able to provide comfort and support for you as you work long hours at your desk, and it will surely last very long.

Although you can find cheap task chairs that look like ergonomic office chairs just by looking around, always remember not to fall for looks alone. On top of this, I hope the ideas we’ve discussed here prove useful to you when you go out and buy a task chair and make sure (if possible) that they’re ergonomically designed. That way, through proper body alignment and posture, much strain on muscles and joints is eliminated.

2. Customizable

Everyone deserves a chair that is suited to their specific requirements in the office. Fortunately, with certain office chairs, you have an infinite number of options. One option for ergonomic office chairs is to choose exactly how much you want to adjust the chair. Do you want a full-motion task chair that allows movement at all joints? Or do you just need armrests? Another factor to consider is the type of casters – locking, soft, or hard wheels can greatly influence mobility and ease of use. The comfort level of your task chair is another customization option, as there are plenty of options out there when it comes to the padding on headrests, armrests, backrests, seats, etc. Improving comfort levels are one way in which manufacturers have made ergonomic office chairs so popular with workers these days.

Another factor that should be taken into consideration when purchasing an office chair is the weight of the user. Chairs that are sturdy and designed to hold a certain weight usually come with weight restrictions. Some workers want to be able to participate in different activities at their desk, such as swinging around on their chairs or stretching out with their feet up, but they can’t if their office chair doesn’t support those functions and/or weigh enough to support it!

You could easily get away with a no-frills office chair for $100 if you’re just sitting in front of a computer all day answering phone calls or typing up documents. If you need something with more features for example for intensive computer use, then it might cost closer to $500 or more to buy everything you want in your task chair – including weight benefits found in most heavy duty office chairs. But these chairs typically will have many more options than low-cost chairs so the manufacturer can afford to tie their prices down by competitively pricing them against other manufacturers.

There is also the most expensive types of task chairs out there that easily cost $800 or $1,000 for an office chair with all the features you would ever need, but these are usually more for executive or top-level managers who want to have everything under the sun in their furniture piece. Some will come with adjustable armrests, lumbar support, higher back support, and headrest cushioning on top of what you get in a higher-end affordable task chair.

Then you have compact options which have all the features of other expensive chairs. Look for chairs with adjustable armrests, a height-adjustable seat slider, and tension control that are not visible at first glance

3. Comfort

You should prioritize comfort in your workday, especially if you spend many hours sitting in an office chair since you do the same when you sleep. Some chairs are made with mesh, foam, or leather cushioning while others have ergonomic shapes to support the lap and spine. The chair should also offer different armrest heights so you can place them at the right spot depending on your height.

Make sure that the seat is big enough to accommodate you comfortably even if it’s for short periods since prolonged sitting in one position isn’t good for you. If the seat feels hard, try replacing its memory foam layer/cushioning with a thicker pillow or an additional pad will do just fine too.

While high-backed office task chairs are popular nowadays because they look more professional than lower back chairs, these kinds provide no lumbar support at all! They don’t encourage good sitting posture especially if you have a desk that’s about waist height.

4. Custom-made chairs

Custom-made tasks chairs cost more than the average chair. Yes, you can always have your task chair custom-made so you’ll know that it is exactly what you need for those long hours of work. This way of getting your task chairs will put a dent in your wallet – especially if you’re going to order more than one!

Another option would be getting an ergonomic task chair that doesn’t look like one at all. The secret lies in the backrest of the chair that allows it to give almost as much support as a fixed lumbar support task chair does. It looks just like your ordinary chairs – if you’ll just sit on it and not check its back – but they still do a great job in reducing lower back pain. The good thing about these chairs is that they are less expensive compared to their counterparts with fixed backs yet they provide the same level of comfort when working for long hours – Yes, they can be expensive!


Do not be fooled by expensive office task chairs! There are cheap ones that can give you the same degree of support and comfort. What is important is that you’re comfortable and satisfied with the product you bought. Make sure that whatever task chair you buy will be able to last long and give you comfort as well without costing too much.

Even though many would prefer to spend less on task chairs, we’ve all had those days where we’d rather pay more for something so we don’t have to deal with any problems. Well, there’s some truth in that statement because no one wants repetitive stress injuries from sitting in a poorly designed ergonomic chair, which is what many of us get when trying to save money!

A good task office chair needs to support your height, weight, and size so you don’t feel uncomfortable. If it doesn’t support you properly, then the long-term damage could lead to spinal misalignment or even curvature in your spine. Spending too much on an ergonomic seat might seem like a bad idea because you’re just going to go through more chairs quickly, however that’s not true. It all depends on how well you take care of them, but many people don’t buy expensive chairs just so they can easily replace them after wearing down their padding or tearing up their casings. On top of paying for quality materials to make sure a chair lasts a long time, you have to think about ergonomics.

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