Heavy duty office chairs

What are heavy duty office chairs?

Heavy duty office chairs are a type of chair specifically designed for use by workers who require ample support and comfort. Many heavy duty office chairs have weight limits ranging from 500 to 600 pounds, which make them especially helpful for larger employees.

A heavy duty office chair is specially designed with features typically seen in task chairs, such as pneumatic controls, headrests, arm rests and contoured body pillows. Adjustable tilt tension control allows the user to customize their body position when they sit in the chair. This mechanism in turn provides better back support while sitting in a neutral posture that decreases strain on your spine. The high weight limit of a heavy duty office chair makes it compatible for users weighing over two hundred pounds. In addition to these features, heavy duty office chairs are often outfitted with a five star base that has heavy duty caster wheels for smooth movement across your floor.

Reasons why you need an ergonomically designed heavy duty chair

To understand the importance of a quality ergonomically designed office chair, it is first necessary to examine some of the health concerns associated with prolonged sitting at a desk or keyboard.

These include:

* Sitting on your wallet or keys – this increases pressure on the sciatic nerve which runs through the buttocks and down each leg below the knee.

* Slouching in front of your computer screen – this causes tension in the upper back, shoulders and chest muscles.

* Poor circulation – this can lead to fluid retention resulting in swollen legs or ankles.

* Not taking regular breaks for stretch breaks – this contributes to muscle fatigue, stiffness and poor posture.

* Sitting at a desk with unsuitable furniture – this limits your ability to move around, which affects blood flow and can cause pain or numbness in the lower limbs.

When considering an office chair it is necessary to appreciate that it is more than just a convenient place to sit throughout the working day. Ideally it should be adjustable, accommodate changing needs by being adaptable enough for meetings or general work requirements as well as being ergonomically designed for maximum comfort over prolonged periods.

For individuals who spend long hours behind a desk at work because of the nature of their jobs, investing in a quality chair that ensures sufficient support is well worth considering.

Benefits of heavy duty office chairs

  1. High weight limit

A high weight limit of 320 – 500 lbs means the user can weigh up to 500 pounds before they risk damaging their chair. Some models have weight limits as high as 1000 pounds! These large capacity limits make them suitable for larger individuals and those who may need to frequently move additional weights such as barbells or plates.

  1. More features

Heavy duty office chairs also come with a wider range of features than their light weight counterparts so you can often find the perfect fit for your body and your needs. Some models include adjustable arm rests, gas lift seat height adjustment, built in lumbar support and headrests. High back heavy duty office chairs offer leatherette or leather upholstery while mid-back models will typically be mesh backed.

By investing in a heavy duty model you’ll be able to select from a wide variety of features such as adjustable arm rests and ergonomic designs which help relieve pressure on the spine while sitting for extended hours. Some models even come fully equipped with heat and massage options ideal for therapeutic purposes.

Choosing the right model for your body type is also important as models come in various sizes, shapes and heights. Another feature you should pay attention to before purchase is the weight capacity which can vary from one model to another depending on design, construction material and overall quality.

Office chairs that are designed to be used by large and/or overweight individuals usually have thicker padding than regular office chairs and should offer more support generally, especially where the back is concerned. The best heavy duty office chairs will also be higher off the ground than other types, this makes it easier to get out of and offers better lower back support too. Strength can vary from chair to chair so it’s worth making sure that the frame and other parts such as arm rests etc., are capable of taking at least 150kgs before buying one of these types of office chairs.

  1. Better for your back

Over the last few years it has become apparent that a combination of factors have lead to an increase in the amount of people suffering from back pain. From sedentary lifestyles and poor posture, to the rise in obesity and health problems such as heart disease and diabetes, there are a range of causes which can contribute to back pain. As a result ergonomically designed office chairs have been created to improve workplace comfort. This may involve adjustments to seat height, arm rests, lumbar support etc… In addition specialist features have been created for office chairs to relieve pressure on the lower back. These include built-in headrests or interchangeable lumbar support pads attached at different points along the chair’s adjustable cushioned and contoured lumbar pad. In recent years as technology has advanced new features have been added to office chairs, such as pneumatic lumbar support and adjustable headrests. This ensures that the chair can be adjusted to fit an individual’s exact needs, allowing comfort for those who require a degree of pelvic rotation in their work position.

There is a wide range of styles and designs ranging from leather executive chairs to basic fabric versions. They can come as single, dual or even triple seated models with optional arms as well as being purpose built for heavy duty use. In addition they are available in a large choice of colours and finishes to suit personal tastes and decor requirements.

The main benefits from using this type of chair are that it provides a more comfortable seating position which promotes good posture and assists a healthy back by reducing the strain on muscles during prolonged periods sitting at a desk or workstation. This reduces fatigue, aches and pains associated with poor seating habits which can be caused by unsuitable office chairs.

The added benefit is that many of these types of office chairs come with all the ergonomic enhancements needed to reduce discomfort including; adjustable lumbar support, headrests, interchangeable armrests and seat angle adjustments.

Heavy duty office chairs that are designed for daily use by individuals who spend long periods sitting behind a desk should provide plenty of support and be adjustable so that they can be adjusted to suit each individual’s physical needs. The best heavy duty office chairs will rotate, swivel and tilt as well as having height adjustments so that it’s possible to adjust the height according to what feels most comfortable at any given time. These types of office chairs also tend to have thick padding (which makes them more comfortable). When purchasing an office chair it would make sense if you were able to try out the various functions and also sit in it comfortably for a short while to see if its right for you.


The best heavy duty office chairs will last a good few years if they’re used correctly. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that some models are only going to be suitable for smaller individuals who don’t put too much strain on their backs or shoulders. In which case a model rated at 150kgs might prove difficult to use comfortably if your weight can exceed this slightly.

Better support

Heavy duty office chairs also provide better support and comfort than standard models and ensure the user’s safety. The combination of durable parts like arm rests and body pillows along with stability provided by the five star bases mean you’ll be comfortable during even lengthy writing sessions at your desk.

You can also purchase heavy duty office chairs with a reclining back which allows you to adjust the position of your lumbar support for greater comfort.

Heavy duty office chairs are especially beneficial for home offices and computer desks where prolonged use can lead to discomfort or pain in the shoulders, neck, arms, legs and lower back area. These models come with rolling casters that allow you to move quickly from one spot to another while still maintaining control over the chair.

Let’s take a look at some of the heavy duty office chairs currently available on today’s market:



Heavier users who require extra padding or cushioning due to age or medical conditions will find that this model provides excellent support thanks to its sturdy frame and thick padding. The mid back ergonomic design with mesh fabric keeps air flowing allowing cool comfort while seated for long hours.

see: https://www.prodigyfurniture.com.au/product/atlas160/

Venus Executive

A great advantage of the Venus Executive Heavy Duty Office Chair is that it offers a 135Kg weight capacity. This makes it an excellent choice for people who are on the heavy side or who may suffer from obesity. It also means this chair won’t break easily even with excess weight, so it’s perfect for everyday use. It also has a 700mm Heavy duty black nylon base

see: https://www.prodigyfurniture.com.au/product/venus-executive/

Other features include seat height adjustment, pneumatic seat-height adjustment and tilt tension control knob. This model is easy to maneuver about room thanks to its 5 wheels caster design . To clean simply wipe down with a damp cloth. Assembling is required and can easily be done within 20 minutes.

Once everything is set, comfort and ergonomics will take center stage as you work or play on this super sturdy chair . It’s so comfortable that it’s hard to leave even after hours of sitting.

With its executive design, this office chair perfectly complements any home or professional workspace. Even those who need a large seating area won’t have trouble finding the right fit. All these measurements may vary depending on your personal preferences. This is one of the most heavy duty office chairs with a weight limit of up to 135Kg .

Designed for maximum comfort, this chair’s plush cushioning is covered in high quality black leather. The backrest includes adjustable lumbar support with built-in heat and massage options for added stress relief. Its nylon base comes with dual wheel casters that can swivel 360 degrees. The metal five-star base adds a stylish touch while also providing stability during your lounging sessions.

This versatile piece is not only perfect for offices but will make a great addition to any living room or den as well .


In conclusion, heavy duty office chairs are great for anyone who needs proper back support whilst working from an office chair over a prolonged period of time during the day. They should offer a better level of comfort and safety compared with regular types which is why they tend to cost more money as well. For those reasons it’s important not skimp when choosing one of these chairs and look for one that has been tested up to around 200kg.

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