The pros and cons of office chair hire

The pros and cons of office chair hire

Do you need a chair for your office and don’t know where to start? Office Chair Hire is the answer. They offer a variety of chairs, including executive chairs, ergonomic office chairs, mesh back task chairs, and more. Their prices are competitive and they can be delivered straight to your door or picked up from our warehouse in Melbourne. With so many options available it’s easy to find the perfect fit for your space!

Office chair hire is a great idea for businesses that need to temporarily replace their office chairs. It’s an easy and affordable way to get new furniture without the major expense of buying new ones. However, there are some cons to this service as well. Office chair hire can be inconvenient from a maintenance perspective because it will require more frequent cleaning than if the company owned the chairs outright. There may also be a delay in getting replacement parts when they break or need replacing, which could cause issues with productivity until repairs have been completed.

With a growing number of businesses looking to save money on office space, more and more companies are finding themselves in the position where they need to hire an office chair. But before you sign up for this service, it’s worth considering both the pros and cons of hiring an office chair.


You can find a chair that suits your needs and budget

Hiring an office chair will give you that feel before you go out and purchase one. You can try out different types and makes of chairs to find the perfect one for your needs and budget.

You don’t have to worry about repairs or replacements

When you hire an office chair, you don’t have to worry about it breaking down or needing repairs. The company will take care of that for you. All you need to do is call and let them know what’s wrong.

Short-term use

If you need extra chairs for business meetings, seminars, conferences, expos, events, and other occasions where you might need additional seating, consider office chair rental instead of buying new chairs that will just spend most of the time idle in the corner. Office chair rentals are available for short-terms such as several days or weeks.

Overall, office chair hire is a great option for businesses and workplaces that need chairs for short-term use. If you’re planning to have a lot of employees or guests in one place at the same time then office chair hire from an event furniture supplier is a great option, but be sure to consider all your options and find out everything you need to know before making your decision.


The chair may not suit your needs

Although you can try out different types of chairs before you hire, there is still a chance that the chair may not be suitable for your needs. This could lead to discomfort and even health problems if the chair isn’t right for you.

You might need to give the chair back

Most companies that offer office chair hire will expect you to return the chair at some point. If you need a chair for more than six months, it’s best not to hire but rather purchase one instead.

You can’t customize your chair

One of the biggest downsides to hiring an office chair is that you are given exactly what they give you. Some companies allow customers to choose their chairs or provide them with instructions on how to make small changes themselves. This option isn’t usually available if you hire though, which could be problematic if you’re particularly tall or short and require adjustments made accordingly.

Start-up costs are high

Hiring office furniture is only recommended for businesses that have been running for a while and have a steady income coming in. The reason for this is the high start-up costs associated with hiring office chairs and furniture. You’ll need to pay a deposit (usually 50% of the total cost) and then the remaining balance is usually paid in monthly installments. This can be difficult for businesses that are just starting, as they may not have the money to spare.

You get what you’re given

As mentioned before, one of the downsides to hiring an office chair is that you are given exactly what they give you. This means that if there’s ever a problem with your chair or it needs to be replaced, you’ll have to go through them instead of being able to take it directly to the shop. This could lead to longer wait times and more trouble.

If, for example, you require specially designed ergonomic chairs for people with back problems, then it might be difficult to find a company that rents these out.

You may not like what you’re given

Office chair rental services usually specialize in providing specific types of office chairs (such as ergonomic computer desk chairs) so there’s no guarantee that the type of chair you’ll get will match your personal preferences. You may not like how it feels or look at all! If this is the case, you’ll need to find an alternative office chair to use or you’ll be stuck with the one you don’t like.

Repair and replacement costs

If something goes wrong with your office chair, you’ll likely need to call the rental company to get it fixed or replaced. This can be costly, especially if you need a technician to come out to your workplace. If you were to buy the chair outright, you could simply take it to a local repair shop and have it fixed for a fraction of the price.

Quality of chairs

The other thing to consider is the quality of the chairs. If you’re expecting your guests or employees to spend a lot of time in them, they must be comfortable. Unfortunately, not all office chair rentals are created equal – some chairs may be more uncomfortable than others. Make sure you ask about the quality of the chairs before making your decision.


The main advantage of office chair hire is that you can get all the chairs you need without having to buy them and store them afterward. This is especially useful if your office or workplace only has limited storage space. Office chair rental companies will usually deliver and collect the chairs from your premises, so there is no need to worry about transporting them yourself.

If you want to save time, money, and energy on replacing office chairs, it could be worth investing in your own. Office chair hire often costs more than buying the chair outright. However, if you need a lot of chairs then using an office rental service might be your best bet as opposed to purchasing dozens of new chairs for your business or workplace.


If you’d like to hire or rent out or purchase used office chairs in Melbourne, give us a call 🙂