Office Desk Buying Guide for Australian Businesses

Office Desk Buying Guide for Australian Businesses

When it comes to buying an office desk, it can be a bit overwhelming. But given the benefits of workstation desks, it’s natural most businesses want to invest in some. Not only are there so many models to choose from, but also, they are highly customizable and can range in price. But regardless, they are critical for your work. From helping you organize your office to providing additional storage, an office desk is something you can’t afford to go without. Further, they help you personalize and add a sense of identity to your office. But with so many models, it can be difficult to find one that is the right fit for your needs. If you’re still unsure, here’s the ultimate buying guide to help you in your endeavor to better organize your office.

Types of Office Desks:

Let’s start the guide with the basics. As far as office desks go, there are usually five types of models that are available. Each one serves a unique purpose and is customized to your needs. The different types include:

1. Executive Desk:

The way we work is ever-changing, and the importance of having a comfortable, ergonomic place to get things done is essential for maintaining productivity. But with so many different desk types and designs on the market, it’s difficult to know which one will be the best option. Executive desks are designed to encourage productivity with a wide desk surface that makes them easy to use solo or with a number of people and better ergonomics for you. They’re also much more comfortable than standard desks thanks to luxe additions like padded surfaces and tension-relieving leg rests. Executive desks are usually more expensive than other types, but they’re worth it.

2. L-shaped Desk:

If you’re working in a room that needs more space, then L-shaped desks will definitely do the trick. They offer a whole lot of storage space and plenty of room to get work done without feeling cramped. They also come in several different models, from compact workstations to huge desks that span the length of an entire wall. L-shaped desks are great for creating an all-in-one solution for both a workspace and an office area. And if you need even more space, you can even add multiple desks together to get all the extra room you need.

3. Writing Desk:

If you are a creative individual always ready to share your ideas, the writing desk will be a great choice for you. They are quite narrow but long, and they can also be quite high to provide a comfortable environment while working. Writing desks can be placed in a small room, but also they can be placed next to a sofa if you want them to be a part of the decor. In addition, with their side panels, they bring a sense of privacy, which is always a plus if you want to relax in your office and put together a piece that will send shivers down people’s spines.

4. Standing Desk:

You may not be aware, but recent studies show that sitting for extended periods of time isn’t healthy. It reduces metabolism and makes you gain weight. Sitting on the couch or in your bed is bad, but sitting in front of your computer the whole day is even worse. That’s why nowadays standing desks are becoming very popular. They allow you to stand while working and prevent muscle fatigue that causes back pain. These desks can be used in an office or in a home office, or even at a school. Standing desks can be placed against a wall, under a window, or beside a couch if you want to have some additional space for working. Their height can be adjusted so they can be easily used by people of different heights, and it provides a healthy and productive working environment for any worker.

5. Computer Desk:

You’ll most likely be spending most of your day at your computer desk, so it’s important to get one that is comfortable. There are tons of computer desks on the market. But we recommend ones that have a separate keyboard tray to keep your wrists at the right angle. Not only does this help prevent fatigue and wrist pain, but it also allows you to customize your space by freeing up desk space.

How to Choose the Right Desk for Yourself?

While choosing an office desk, you need to consider:


The design of the desk will depend on your personal preferences. There are desks that are in the style of an executive desk, L-shaped desk, writing desk, or computer desk.


Take into consideration the size of the desk. It will depend on your room size and your needs.


The color should complement the other elements in your office, such as the walls, flooring, lighting, and furniture.


Some of the materials you might want to consider are metal, glass, wood, fabric, or a mix of two or more. The materials you choose will determine what type of finish and assembly is used on the desk. Also, some materials can’t be painted or stained.


Cabinets can hold a lot of items like accessories or books. Look for extra storage options so you can stay organized and don’t have to worry about misplacing things in a mess. If you’re planning on using a lot of computer equipment, then you’ll need plenty of space for storage.


With the aforementioned guidance, you can have an effective and comfortable space to work. In addition, you can add style and personality to your office, which is essential for motivating workers – check out the benefits of such corner desks here. Now that you know the best tips on how to find a desk for your office, we hope that it will be a pleasure for you. Last but not least, we would like to say that this article was created with the use of a writing desk.