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Office Fitouts Melbourne

Our Fitout Service

At Prodigy Office Furniture we understand the needs of companies who are developing their corporate image.

Office Fitouts Melbourne

Our professional team will take the time to understand your needs and work with you to provide intelligent and stylish solutions that will set your business apart.

Prodigy Office Furniture‘s experienced staff will enable an effortless decision making process and ensure a total solution for achieving your corporate vision.

With our fitout services we can guide your company from design to completion of a productive and cost effective office environment, or work with your existing setup to provide seamless additions that will enhance your workspace.

Contact Prodigy today and a consultant will come to you to discuss your requirements.

Affordable Office Fitouts Service in Bayswater, Frankston & Dandenong

Shifting your office to a new building, floor or Business Park is never easy. So, are you making a shift to some place smaller or larger than your existing office space? What will you do with the interiors and how will you arrange the furniture? If you are moving due to business growth, then moving to a new place makes sense because you can fill up the void with office furniture but if you are just moving to explore new opportunities then what would you do with the extra space you will have left?

Prodigy Office Furniture provides Melbournians with office fit outs in Bayswater, Frankston and Dandenong, Melbourne. Whether you need to install partitions, doors, screen systems, design your personal cabin, the common workspace, reception, and lounge or build joinery; we have all the right equipment, expertise and a wide collection of quality products to satisfy your contemporary or traditional office needs. No job is big or small for us, we employee the most efficient of resources into building your office, the ideal place to carry out your business activities.

When you hire us, our design and engineering team will survey your newly owned, rented, or leased office floor space and provide you with free office fit out consultation in Frankston, Melbourne. The free consultation will include advice on the interior layout of the whole office plus a piece of your mind on how would you like your office to look. Getting an idea from you will help us greatly in delivering the right products that satisfy you. To make the whole office fit out process in Dandenong, Melbourne more concrete, we will also provide you with a free floor plan and design that is a calculated view of the installations in your office.

There are different styles of offices that you can design your floor space with. These include:

  • Formal
  • Traditional
  • Modern
  • Stylish & more

With any style you choose for your office, there are different types of products that will complement those styles. Like, if you are going for a formal and modern look, then the glass partitions and doors will enhance the look as well as the furniture that includes desks, chairs and other solutions. However if you are going for a traditional/classical office environment, and don’t want to spend too much, because you are an online dispatch store then anvil desks and task chairs will be the right choice.

If you are opening a showroom, then we can assist to enhance your showroom’s interiors that will leave the reps as well as customers feeling royally treated as they enter. Apart from our furniture products and office fit outs in Melbourne, we also provide electrical, plumbing, soundproofing, and fire protection services.

For more information on office fit outs or a free onsite consultation, call Prodigy Office Furniture on 03 9793 1222.

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