When It is Clear Your Office Needs New Furniture

When It is Clear Your Office Needs New Furniture

If you work in an office, one thing you never want to deal with is replacing your office furniture. Whether it is your office or an office you share with other workers, changing out furniture that has been worn through or is no longer current is never stress-free.

There is no clear time frame on when you should change out the furniture in an office environment. However, you could always make an educated guess about when the best time would be to get new furniture. That way you can order the furniture ahead of time, so you do not have to worry about looking unprofessional to prospective clients by using furniture that has been worn through or furniture that is breaking down. The following times are when you should start looking for new furniture:

  1. Your Office Looks Like It’s Stuck In A Previous Decade

The 1980s have come and gone. But if the floor and desks look like they are from the 1980s then it might be time to update your office. This is especially true if it is making your job or the job of others harder. If your office looks dull, that could alter the mood of anyone working in that office. Some people would recommend that you buy furniture that is some shade of brown.

Just because you have a philosophy about your outdated furniture does not mean that is the only reason you need to replace all the furniture you have in your office. If you invite customers to your office to discuss business, then you should have presentable furniture. You may want to think about changing the furniture once or twice every decade, so you don’t look like you’re stuck in the past.

  1. The Outdated Furniture Is Hindering Your Employees

Nothing is more important than your employees being able to work.

If the office your workers are working in is not designed correctly then time workers should be spent working could be spent getting to their workstations. If the furniture is stained or torn, then it could make your workers physically ill. If your workers are experiencing pain in their backs or hands then the furniture may have outlived its usefulness.

Comfortable office chairs and desks that allow you to adjust the height could benefit your workers by letting them work pain-free which will benefit you by having employees that are working up to their full potential.

  1. New Furniture Costs Less Then Fixing the Old Furniture

It may seem cheaper to fix the old furniture instead of spending money to buy new furniture but that isn’t always the case.

If you are spending a lot of time fixing something, then you might be better off spending money to replace it. Wheels that fall off chairs, hinges that squeak every time you sit down, chairs with covering that is torn or missing and shelves that are slanted are just a few examples when it’s time to get rid of the old furniture. The newer your office furniture is, the less money and time you’ll have to spend on fixing them.

  1. You Are Changing Locations

If you are moving to a different building or you have grown to the point that you can afford more employees, then you might want to consider purchasing new furniture as well.

When you move to a new building, you can plan where furniture would go that would allow workers to perform at their best. You may want to consider hiring a professional to offer suggestions like the size of a person’s space to work, how big the conference rooms should be, how far spaced out desks of different employees should be as well as other factors. Besides getting the opinion of an interior decorator, you may want to hear the opinions of people who worked for your company the longest. It’s not going to be easy finding employees that want to stay if they feel they are working on top of one another.

  1. When You Are Changing To An Open Office Layout

Many companies are ditching the offices with closed doors and private cubicles so employees can exchange ideas and work together to complete tasks.

Just because you remove the privacy from the working areas of your employees and supply them with comfortable furniture is not enough. You want your employees to have a positive attitude about where they work. Removing the privacy of offices and cubicles could either help your employees or offer more distractions to your employees.

It would best to remember that the office furniture you provide employees with says what you think of your employees. Besides improving the work rate of your employees, you also let your employees know you care about them which means your employees will care more about doing a good job for you.