Statewide Locker

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Statewide Locker

Galvanised Metal Construction

All of our products are manufactured from zinc galvanized metal to ensure durability and a quality finish, particularly necessary in clothes lockers when used under wet or steamy conditions.

Ventilated Doors

Sufficient venting in every door to allow for fresh air to circulate.

Powdercoat Paint

A quality powdercoat paint is electrostatically applied and then baked to the galvanized metal surface to again improve the durability and finish.

Locking System

A variety of locking methods are available with barrel / key or padlock operation.


Lockers can encounter harsh treatment but with:

- A one piece wrap around body on each locker.

- Door stiffener on single and two door lockers.

- Welded body construction.

- Robust internally fitted door hinging.

You can expect a lifetime of use.


For ease of installation or to increase stability and rigidity, lockers can be banked 2 or 3 wide in any configuration of door options.

Three Point Locking

Single door lockers have 3 point locking for maximum security.

Colour Range

Choose from a large selection in the standard range of colours

Single Door Locker: $239.00
Bank of 2 Single Door: $468.00
Bank of 3 Single Door: $693.00
2 Door Locker: $266.00
Bank of 2 - 2 Door Locker: $515.00
Bank of 3 - 2 Door Locker: $774.00
3 Door Locker: $295.00
Bank of 2 - 3 Door Locker: $579.00
Bank of 3 - 3 Door Locker: $873.00
4 Door Locker: $305.00
Bank of 2 - 4 Door Locker: $602.00
Bank of 3 - 4 Door Locker: $898.00
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