Corporate Lounge

A company’s reception area is one of the most important elements of the building, as this is the place where customers or potential associates will develop their first impressions on your business.

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Corporate Lounge
Corporate Lounge
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Corporate Lounge
Corporate Lounge

Corporate Lounge


- Lounge Dimensions

- Back Height:380mm

- Seat Depth:525mm

- Seat Height:410mm

- Seat Width:620mm - 1 seater

- Seat Width:1130mm - 2 seater

- Seat Width:1790mm - 3 seater

Ottaman Dimensions

- Seat Depth:540mm

- Seat Height:410mm

- Seat Width:1030mm

Product Features

- Black PU Finish

- Stainless Steel Frame

Single: $525.00
Corportae 2: $718.00
Corportae 3: $988.00
Ottoman: $288.00
Available Colours
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