Importance of The Reception Area – the link between you and your customer.

When we meet somebody new, the first thing we notice about that person is their face. When we visit a business, the first thing we notice is the reception area. When we meet someone new, we have an opinion on that person after meeting them face to face just like we have an opinion on the business after getting a look at how their reception area looks.

The first thing new visitors will see is the corridor which represents your company.

When people are in the reception area, the next thing we will notice is the desk that the receptionist is working on. It could be made from many different types of material and you can pick a desk that comes from different types of shapes. If you are choosing to decorate your office, you should put some time into considering what kind of desk you will supply for the receptionist to use.

This isn’t just about making the front office of your business look attractive. The desk that your receptionist works behind must not hinder your receptionist from doing their work. Receptionists have a job where many things must get done including communicating with customers, answering the phone, and directing visitors. That is why you should put some thought into the desk that you will have your receptionist sitting behind. When the receptionist or multiple people are trying to complete tasks, the desk cannot get in the way because people will be switching from task to task as they get things done. The desk should not come in the way of working in your business.

Since one responsibility of receptionists is filing, there should be somewhere the receptionist can store important information. Your receptionist will have a computer with internet connections and a telephone, but it will be a disaster if those wires are not out of the way. You do not want something to become disconnected by accident. You also do not want wires getting in the way of employees.

How your lobby is designed is particularly important. It is the first impression of your business. People who stop by your office should be able to take a glance and understand the type of company they are visiting. It is not enough for the room with the secretary to be inviting. You also want the room to generate interest from people that stopped by.

People who design offices would prefer that the waiting room or receptionist’s office not be the place where the rest of the operations of the business take place. While the waiting room should be the first impression of the business, you should not be walking into an area where employees are busy at work. Also, nothing is worse for a waiting room for it to feel outdated. Keep in mind that the waiting room is all someone must form an opinion on a business until they are checked on by an employee. That is why the waiting room is so important if you want your visitors to relax. This area speaks volumes about a company more than others realize. It has to do with the choices of the furniture, colors, signs, and lights in the room. You don’t want visitors to take that all in and then get the wrong idea about your company. If you haven’t worked in an office recently then you might not know that the office is more than just where work is done. It is where people get together to talk, exchange ideas and meet people employees can relate with. While the internet has made many things possible, one drawback is that people can work for a company in isolation. People who run companies want the employees to come back so all workers experience the social aspect.

If your employees feel like they belong, then they will work at their job to their fullest potential because your employees will know they are working on something bigger than themselves.

Most people who own a company aren’t going to put much thought into the reception area. That is because many workers will not spend much time in that area. Most workers who enter that room will be passing through. Some people think if you have the required chairs and desk then you have what you need for a reception area.

The reception area is much more vital than most owners think, and we will explain why.

Many business owners focus on the working areas that their workers will frequently visit but they do not pay the same attention to the waiting room.

The waiting room is how you will relate to the people paying for your services.

When people first see your company, it won’t take long before people make assumptions about your company. You want people to assume that your company is reliable. It is not just people who might hire your company that will be making these assumptions but employees you want to hire will be making the same kind of judgments the first time they visit.

The most important piece of furniture is the desk that the receptionist will be working behind. How the desk looks and the type of desk you purchase will say a lot about your company. Everyone will see that piece of furniture before anything else but it’s not all about how the furniture looks.

If the desk is not kept neat and organized, then new customers might think your whole company is not organized. Keep in mind that a lot of paperwork is done here so you will need suitable space wherever you set up your reception area.

Just because you work at the desk does not mean you can’t add some decorations to separate it from other desks. Also, if you see things starting to look dull then change up the items you have displayed for decoration.

Make The Right Choice When Choosing A Desk

You want to make sure this area of your company does not look outdated. You want to give off the right impression about your company while customers wait to see you. Pick the type of desk that will allow your receptionist to get their work done but also fit in the room that will be the receptionist’s office.

What do you want people to think of your company when they first walk in? Think about that when you are designing the receptionist’s office.