How to declutter your office

How to declutter your office

Do you have stacks of paper piled on your desk? Are there files overflowing in the cabinets? Is stuff strewn all over the floor? If so, it’s time to declutter your office.

Decluttering is a good way to promote good working conditions and improve company morale. It will also help you to focus better, which can significantly increase work productivity. How much money this could save depends on how much stuff you have lying around that isn’t being used. The less clutter, the more likely that you are running smoothly with fewer mistakes along the way.

Organizing your office start by taking everything out, sorting what you need from what you don’t need, filing away items after deciding whether or not they are important enough to keep, and finally putting the items you want to keep back in their rightful places.

Getting started is the hardest part, so taking some time before you start may be a good idea. Set aside an hour or two for this task and put on some relaxing music to help get rid of distractions.

As there are many things in your office, here are just a few tips on how to declutter your office with minimal effort:

Decluttering tip 1 – Tackle one area at a time. When you have too much stuff in one area, it’s pretty hard to focus on what needs to be done

Decluttering tip 2 – Get rid of everything that doesn’t belong there

Decluttering tip 3 – with the top shelf  , not the bottom.

When you store things on the bottom shelf, you are more likely to forget about them.

Decluttering tip 4 – file away your folders and papers

Decluttering tip 5 – Create a “to-be-filed” box for everything that needs to be filed in one place (you can buy these boxes pre-made at any home goods store)

Having an office is not all bad, it does create jobs for people after all. There are many choices out there that give back when you choose to support them through purchasing products or using their services. When it comes to decluttering your office, no matter how much space you need when choosing furniture for smaller spaces , at least one thing is true: less stuff equals less clutter!

Decluttering tip 2 – Place file folders or small boxes into your desk drawers

Adjust the number of storage spaces to fit the amount of paperwork you have. If you are quick on space, go for an armoire with filing cabinets along one side so you can store away all those papers neatly and put them away when work is done for the day. Decluttering tip 3 – Pull everything out of your desk drawers and clean inside of each drawer thoroughly before putting things back in. This way you know that it’s organized enough for now and won’t need any more organization (and decluttering) until another day.

Get rid of old, unused office supplies around the office

Using an open bookcase instead will help control clutter by giving you only what is necessary but will still give you the space to store office supplies when they’re not in use. Organizing tip 2 – Use file boxes or small shelves for extra storage in an office without too much paperwork, so that you can put away things when they aren’t needed.

If there are papers on your desk preventing you from using it, place them in a file inside of your filing cabinets. Place any files and books which truly need to be at hand in armoires or bookcases nearby for easy access when needed. This way you know where everything is all the time and it’s always in reach whenever you need it.

Declutter tip 4 – Consider getting rid of paper altogether by switching over to online methods of communication, retrieval and storage for receipts, bills, invoices and related data.

If possible, try to store old records in the cloud with a service like Dropbox or any other similar service that works for you. You can also access files on your computer anywhere with remote desktop or VNC which both work very well. Use services like Google Drive to backup copies of important papers online so you know they are safe even if they go lost in a fire or water leak at your house.

Organizing tip 2 –  When moving into an office where there is insufficient space to store all of your files and papers in filing cabinets, use file boxes instead so that you can put away things when they aren needed. Place any files and items that are not frequently used in the boxes and store them for later.

Organizing tip 3 –  Use wire storage cubes to stack on top of cabinets or desks to display any type of visual project materials. Label each cube with a different label making it easy for anyone coming into your office to find important items quickly.

Organizing tip 4 –  Place framed pictures on shelves, counter tops ,and walls around the office. This makes it quick and easy for people to interact with the wall decor instead of wondering where everything is at when they need something new or replacement during their time within your office.

Organizing tip 5 –  Make your own pin board using fabric covered foam boards so you can place up memos ,prints, pictures, or anything that you need to get off of your desk ,but do not have the space for. Pin boards are great because they keep everything looking tidy and organized so there is no clutter on your desk.

Organizing tip 6 –  Office desk organization requires a lot of items being placed in one spot so it makes it harder to declutter when things get out of control. Try setting an office station up to hold all the important documents and items you need daily by placing them in different places around the room instead of keeping them piled high on top of each other making it hard to find what you need when you really need it.

Organizing tip 7 –  A good way to store any type of technology devices is to keep them in a nice clean case that can be found when you need it.  This way the cords and any other important items that go along with it will always be there in one spot when you need them!

Organizing tip 8 –  A great way to set up your home office furniture is to make sure there is a place for everything, and by doing this, makes it extremely easy when it’s time for decluttering. You can create a home office organization plan around workstations around the room where everyone needs to sit at during their daily tasks to get done. There should be a space designated for each person on your team to keep all of their personal belongings during the day while they are working. This way each member